All of our massage treatments can be easily adapted to suit you so please don’t be afraid to ask for exactly what you want.

My work as a nurse has ensured that I am constantly aware of how important massage can be for overall health and wellbeing.

Massage can:

  • Increase blood flow to a particular area. This helps with healing and the removal of build up and waste. Perfect for this with joint pain or stiff muscles.
  • Increases lymph flow. Again helping to remove the build up of toxins. It also helps to encourage your immune system.
  • Aids the breakdown of fibrous nodules in the muscles.
  • Helps to promote digestion.
  • Promotes relaxation which can reduce depression, aid restful sleep, and calm the mind and body.
  • Can help to break down areas of fatty tissue.


  • Relax and Unwind Back Massage  (25 mins)             £22.00

(A deeply relaxing back massage designed to release tense back muscles. Concentrating on any painful or tense areas leaving you feeling completely relaxed)

  • Relax and Unwind Full Body Massage (1 hour)        £35.00

(A deeply relaxing full body massage designed to release tense muscles and leave you feeling completely relaxed from head to toe.)

  • Swedish Back Massage (25 mins)      £22.00

(The perfect “pick me up” massage. Concentrating on tense or painful back muscles this treatment is the perfect de-stressor. Will leave you feeling ready to face the day ahead)

  • Swedish Full Body Massage (1 hour) £35.00

(One of my favourite treatments! This massage spends an hour concentrating on painful or tense muscles. It will address any build up of fibrous nodules, will concentrate on any areas of cellulite and will finish up by relaxing your body and mind. The treatment is soothing and stimulating all in one. Give it a go!)

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