Tanning Advice

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Your tan is important. You have paid for an amazing tan and that’s what you expect to get. We think that’s great, but to ensure you achieve it you need follow the advice below.

Before your SO Health and Beauty Sienna X tan:

  • The night before your tan it is really important to make sure that you exfoliate well. This removes any dead skin cells and helps to ensure that your tan will last as long as possible. Pay extra attention to the knees, elbows, ankles, neck and any other dry areas.
  • Once you have exfoliated and dried make sure you apply plenty of moisturiser, especially to any dry areas.
  • On the day of your tan, have a quick shower in the morning. No need to exfoliate or moisturise as sometimes this can act as a barrier to the tanning solution.
  • Do not wax or shave within 24 hours of your appointment as the pores need time to close.
  • Remove make up, perfume and deodorant before your tan.

After your SO Health and Beauty Sienna X tan:

  • Bring dark loose clothing to wear after your tan.
  • Wear flip flops or loose shoes.
  • Ensure that you leave your tan for at least 8 hours (or ideally over night) after application. This gives the colourless sugars in the tan a chance to interact with the amino acids and proteins in the outer layer of your skin to produce a golden brown colour. This is called the development period.
  • Do not exercise excessively or swim during the development period.
  • As your therapist sprays you will notice a brown colour on your skin. This is a guide colour for the therapist to see which areas of your body have been tanned and ensures that no areas are missed. When you shower or bath 8 hours after your tan this will all wash off and you will be left with your golden tan. When drying, ensure that you “pat” your skin dry, don’t rub it. Keep moisturising!
  • After day 5, gently exfoliate as this will help your skin to absorb more moisturiser and keep you looking and feeling gorgeous!

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